Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Joy to the World Kit for Free

My offer for the free "Joy to the World" kit has now expired. You can purchase the kit here.

Thank you, everyone for all your kind emails and comments!! Makes me want to just be a freebie designer! But, I do spend money buying CU stuff, so I do sell kits to offset some of the cost:) I love that several of you have now commented on my blog name!! I used to think that SAHM meant Sexy and Hot Mama. So I had to poke fun of myself a little. And, I think it fitting that stay at home moms can be sexy and hot. So I love it:)

I think I am caught up with sending out download info for my Joy to the World kit. From here on out, I am asking that if you want the kit, instead of leaving a comment, please email me. I saw a comment on a post that had nothing to do with Joy to the World and was glad I checked it so I could send out the link for the kit. I have settings for Blogger to send me an email whenever I get a comment, but I only get emails for about 10% of the comments I get. So I'd hate to miss a comment. With such a huge response, I've decided to keep my offer going- at least for a while.

Here is all the info:

There are two ways to get this kit. One way is to click on this preview to go buy it in the store:The second way is to get it for free! To do this, just become a follower of my blog.
Then do the following:

*Check in my followers to see if you are there. Do this by clicking on the double squares on the right side of the "follow" tab. If you don't see yourself on the first page, you can click "more" to see the next pages.

* send an email to me, leaving the information above (name you follow under) to: You must be a public follower for me to be able to see who you are:)

I check my email a few times a day, usually. So you should get an email back within about a day with download information:) Happy Scrapping!
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Anne R said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE this kit - I'm working on making a blog background from it (for myself), but so far I've only got a new header. (Html editing is HARD! ;) )

Thank you again for sharing this, it's PERFECT. <3

Cristy said...

This kit is so fun! Thank you so much!